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Is my product in the right category?

Feel free to look for an article similar to yours on the site and identify the category in which it is stored. For sure, you will find.

Product description

Product name


What title to give to my product?

Be brief, concise and readable: use only a capital letter, at the beginning of the title, and get to the point. Indicate the name of the designer if there is one, add a key qualifier in the search for your buyer (ex: farm table) and forget the appreciative 'qualifiers' like 'pretty' or 'beautiful'. That's it.

Product Description


What to put in the description of my product?

Tell us all about the 1000 lives of your article and be specific about its current state (the details are the most crisp). Remember that an informed buyer will not be a disappointed buyer.

Product conditions

A doubt about the state of my product?

If you hesitate between two states to qualify your article, we advise you to indicate the most degraded state of the two.

Designed by (optional)


What is a product inspired by a designer?

Furniture publishers have always produced items 'in the style' of influential designers of their time. A product 'Signed by a designer' is therefore an original product, which other publishers have inspired. If you declare your product 'Design by', you take full responsibility for this information and you agree to provide the documents proving its authenticity. Thank you in this case to add a photo of the signature / certificate of authenticity of your article.


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What if I want to sell my products in batches?

Shock trick: if it is a lot or a pair, indicate the quantity 1. If you are selling piece by piece, indicate the quantities and put your title in the singular. Sold individually, choose a photo of the article alone even if you sell 6 copies. With that, little chance to confuse your buyer!



My article is composed of two subjects, what to do?

Ask yourself what a buyer would look for to find your product. Example: if your coffee table has a metal base but a glass top, your buyer will find it more easily if you indicate the material 'glass' #philosophie


Did I indicate the correct color of my article?

You must be as specific as possible about the color of your article. If it is indigo, you must put it in 'blue' and specify in your descriptive text the color 'indigo'. Add photos that support your purpose.





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